Grace of Douglas is like a family. It’s better than living at home because I’ve got many good friends here. I want more people to come here. It’s such a great place to live.
Grace of Douglas has been a blessing for us. The aides are kind, considerate and very caring. They come when you use the call light and do not make you wait 30 minutes to an hour before they come. The food is excellent and served hot, not cold!
I joined the Grace family in January of 2019. Grace of Douglas Assisted Living is a small family-oriented community that serves residents from all different walks of life. The residents and staff have welcomed me with open arms, but more importantly, I see that the staff are dedicated to meeting our residents’ needs. In the short time I have been here, I’ve had the pleasure of laughing with some residents, and crying with others. The connections have been so amazing that it’s as if we are at a never-ending family reunion that I am blessed to be a part of.
DaleTron, Director of Grace of Douglas Assisted Living
I would highly recommend Grace of Douglas as a safe and secure place for a loved one. I was very pleased with the care my husband received while there. I didn’t meet one single staff person who wasn’t kind, friendly and very caring.
I spent two weeks at Grace of Douglas recovering from a knee replacement. I had therapy twice a day which was the best thing for a fast recovery. The nurses, therapists and staff were great as well as the food. Thank you everyone at Grace of Douglas.
Captain Bob
I’ve lived here [Grace of Douglas Assisted Living] one and a half years. When I realized I could no longer care for myself at home, I moved to Grace. My only son lives in Arizona and the staff at Grace have become my family. My rent is reasonable, and I am getting so much more from the loving and caring staff. I enjoy playing chess, and the aides are always willing to take time out to sit and enjoy a game with me.
My favorite part about living at Grace of Douglas is the food and people. The best thing about the staff is they know you by your first name. Grace of Douglas is the best place to live.
My husband has been in two other rest homes, and though Grace of Douglas is smaller, I would recommend it over the others. My husband received more personal attention from everyone there. The kitchen people went above and beyond. Tiffany especially was wonderful to make sure he was enjoying his meals. Thank all of you.
I’ve been very pleased with the professional, friendly staff.
After spending a great amount of time in and out of rehabilitation facilities across southwest Michigan the last few years, I was surprised by the amount of hope at recovery that Grace of Douglas has instilled in me. The caring and compassionate staff has made a huge difference for me. The team and goal-oriented approach has led to easily measurable improvement quickly.
I had been volunteering at Grace of Douglas since it first opened. I’ve lived in Douglas over 55 years, and when it became unsafe for me to live alone, I knew Grace could help meet my needs. I have lived at the [Douglas] Assisted Living for about two years. Grace is warm, homey and the staff are marvelous. I have nothing bad to say about Grace. This is my home.